Colour Shapers are used to apply, move, carve and manipulate art materials such as paints and modelling putties

Clay & Colour Shapers

Clay & Colour Shapers are silicone tipped tools which are used to apply, shape, manipulate and carve materials including paints, oils, putty and polymer clay.

They help to create texture and form in a way that is not possible with traditional paint brushes or craft knives. Shapers move and cut through modelling putties, watercolours, acrylics, pastels, charcoals, mono print and many more materials.

There are two grades of Shapers with different tip stiffnesses. Clay Shapers are extra firm and used for harder materials like modelling putties. Firm Colour Shapers carve putty, paint heavy mediums like oil and acrylic and spread adhesives.

We have different sized tips available. Every Shaper is priced at £2.50 as we clearing stock, so grab yourself a bargain while you can – once they are gone, they are gone.

Clay Shapers & Colour Shapers
The Round Cup Colour Shaper is used for creating soft edges in painting and model making tasks
Firm Round Cup Colour Shaper – Size 2
The Firm Round Cup Colour Shaper Size 2 has a 8mm tip for creating soft edges and offering greater control over thick paints
The Flat Chisel Colour Shaper is a firm shaper used to blend and mix paints and create evening markings
Firm Flat Chisel Colour Shaper – Size 6
The Firm Flat Chisel Colour Shaper Siz4 6 has a 15mm tip and is used to create flat, even markings and mix and blend paint
The Round Cup Clay Shaper is used to create soft edges when sculpting modelling putty or working with paints
Round Cup Clay Shaper – Size 2
The Size 2 Round Cup Clay Shaper has a 8mm extra firm tip to offer greater control when forming and shaping modelling putty
The Flat Chisel Clay Shaper is used to create flat and even marks when sculpting and carving modelling putty
Flat Chisel Clay Shaper – Size 10
The Size 10 Flat Chisel Clay Shaper has a 25mm extra firm tip which creates flat and even markings when used to sculpt modelling putty

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