Micro-Surface Final Finish Conditioner

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Conditioner containing carnauba wax and specialised abrasives for polishing vinyl surfaces and making them more supple

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Micro-Surface Final Finish Conditioner is an exceptional conditioner used to clean and polish vinyl.

It is formulated from high quality carnauba wax and specialised abrasives. Vinyl surfaces which it is applied to will appear brighter, cleaner and become more supple with use of Final Finish Conditioner.

A thin layer of Final Finish Conditioner is applied to the surface using a clean, dry cotton flannel cloth. Please only use a cotton flannel as materials such as paper towels, micro fiber wipes and industrial wipers can scratch transparencies.

The conditioner is buffed into the transparency using slow, methodical strokes. Pattern is not important when using Final Finish Conditioner, nor does it require pressure to apply.

Final Finish Conditioner is incorporated onto small areas of the surface before it dries. If the conditioner does dry, it can be more difficult to work.

The surface can be misted with clean water if this occurs. It is also advisable to mist the flannel cloth slightly before undertaking polishing.

Micro -Surface Micro Final Finish Conditioner is available in either 57ml or 227ml bottles. Final Finish can also be purchased as part of the Micro-Mesh JG-5 Vinyl Window Restoral Kit, which includes all the products needed to remove minor damage from clear vinyl.

Benefits of Micro-Surface Final Finish Conditioner

  • Easy-to-use – just add a thin layer to a soft flannel cloth and apply
  • Creates a high-quality, long-lasting finish
  • Formulation of carnauba wax and specialised abrasives


  • Polishes vinyl curtains, isinglass and convertible top windows
  • Makes surfaces appear brighter and clearer
  • Regular use makes vinyl more supple