SylCreate – Model Making, Resin Casting & Restoration Products

SylCreate are UK based suppliers of industry-leading model making, resin casting and restoration products.

Modelling Putty

Leading model making, sculpting and restoration epoxy putties, including Kneadatite Green Stuff, Magic Sculp, Geomfix and Milliput.

Sylmasta specialise in model making and resin casting products including silicone moulding rubber and polyurethane casting resins

Casting & Mould Making

Materials and accessories used by model makers, kit builders and industrial users to create reusable moulds and accurate resin cast copies of masters and original parts.

Glazing & Restoration

Coldglaze PRO 2 System is trusted by museums and restoration experts to reglaze and re-paint china, ceramic and pottery without the use of heat.

Sylmasta adhesives can be used to bond materials together in model making and resin casting applications

Adhesives & Hxtal NYL-1

Cyanoacrylate superglues and epoxy adhesives for bonding all materials, including Hxtal NYL-1, the world’s best glass repair epoxy.

Swann-Morton precision blades are used to make accurate and high quality cuts in model making and resin casting applications

Swann-Morton Blades

Swann-Morton manufacture precision blades, handles and scalpels. They have a wide product range with a tool for every scale model and craft task.

Micro Abrasives

Sylmasta Micro Abrasives polish plastics, acrylic, metals, paint, soft wood, and other surfaces, removing materials and leaving an ultra-smooth finish and shine.

Sylmasta Ultimate Paints can be used in conjunction with model making and resin casting products in scale model tasks

Ultimate Paints

Ultimate Paints provide perfect, non-metallic finishes for silver and any shade of gold. They are used for restoration and miniature painting.

The SylCreate sale offers discounted model making and resin casting products

SylCreate Sale Products

Looking for a bargain? Then check out what discount products are currently on offer as part of the SylCreate sale. New items added regularly.

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