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We ship worldwide and standard next day delivery is available in the United Kingdom on orders placed before 2pm Monday-Friday, subject to stock availability. Please note that custom ordered products such as coloured modelling putties and resins take a little longer to produce and despatch.

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Sylmasta Products

The Sylmasta Casting Kit XL contains more of the products needed to start creating high-quality casts through the process of resin casting
Resin Casting & Silicone Mould Making Sylmasta casting and mould making products are used by model makers, kit builders and industrial users to produce detailed
Sylmasta Glazing and Restoration systems are trusted by museums and restoration experts to reglaze, restore and repair china, ceramics and other materials
Coldglaze & Chinaglaze - Glazing & Restoration Systems The Sylmasta Coldglaze PRO 2 and Sylmasta Chinaglaze glazing systems are trusted by museums and restoration experts
The Sylmasta Superglue Kit contains three different grades of Superglue and Activator for speeding up the bonding process in a range of tasks
Epoxy & Adhesives for Scale Model Making, Craft & Restoration We supply a range of adhesives for scale model making, craft tasks and restoration projects,
The Swann-Morton range of precision blades, handles and scalpels are used by professional craft and model makers around the world
Swann-Morton Blades & Craft Knife Swann-Morton are world leaders in the manufacture of precision blades, handles, scalpels and types of craft knife. They have a
The Sylmasta Acrylic Restoral Kit contains all the products needed to polish acrylic and plastic to a high gloss, ultra shiny finish
Sylmasta Micro Abrasives are used to polish plastics, acrylic, metals, paint, soft wood, and other surfaces. They remove materials and shine to an ultra-smooth finish.
Sylmasta Paints are used in restoration and modelling projects to provide a perfect, non-metallic finish. They can be applied with an airbrush or paintbrush
Sylmasta Paints are used in restoration and modelling projects to provide a perfect, non-metallic finish. They can be easily applied with an airbrush or paintbrush.
Premier P45 is a flat golden foray nylon paint brush used in model making and fine art
Our range of paint brushes includes sable and nylon brushes from Premier Brushes and Rosemary & Co which are used for scale model figure painting.
Colour Shapers are used to apply, move, carve and manipulate art materials such as paints and modelling putties
Clay & Colour Shapers are silicone tipped tools which are used to apply, shape, manipulate and carve materials including paints, oils, putty and polymer clay.
Slater's Plastikard is high quality plasticard which has a range of uses in model making
Slater's Plastikard is a sheet polystyrene material for model making which includes representations of brick, stone, roof tiles and slates in various scales and colours.
The SylCreate Sale features high-quality model making, craft and restoration products at discounted prices
SylCreate Sale - Discount Model Making, Restoration & Craft Materials The sale section of SylCreate is where you can find all the discount model making,