Glazing & Restoration

The Coldglaze PRO 2 System is used to glaze, reglaze and repaint china, ceramic, pottery and other materials without the use of heat. This enables Coldglaze to restore items which may not take well to being fired, such as pieces which have undergone repair or restoration using adhesives.

Several products make up the Coldglaze PRO 2 System. These are combined to create the optimum reglazing or repainting application. As a result, the System is trusted by museums, curators and restoration experts worldwide for use on priceless items and artefacts.

Coldglaze Clear Gloss is a two-part, water-resistant, very tough glaze with excellent non-yellowing qualities which cures to a smooth, hard finish. It offers high strength surface adhesion and has been tested for 20 cycles in a dishwasher at 60°C without signs of deterioration.

For repainting, Coldglaze Gloss can be mixed with pigments or oil colours and applied via paintbrush or airbrush. Adding S532 Matting Agent to Coldglaze will result in a matt rather than gloss finish.

When reglazing, Coldglaze is normally applied via airbrush. When airbrushing, PT146 Thinners must be added to the Gloss to thin it suitably. Lowering the viscosity of Coldglaze with Thinners can also help make application via paintbrush easier.

The use of Retarder is highly recommended to increase the cure time of Coldglaze. A longer cure gives the glaze more time to flatten and adhere to ceramic, china or pottery. This improves adhesion, avoids cobwebbing and leads to a higher overall quality of finish. When Coldglaze is applied by airbrush, introducing Retarder to the mix reduces overspray and the cotton wool effect from the airbrush.

For more detailed instructions on how to use Coldglaze PRO 2 and examples of what the System is capable of, please see our Showcase article on How to glaze china, ceramic and pottery like a pro.

Please note that some products in the Coldglaze PRO 2 range are classed as hazardous. As a result, they may be subject to additional costs when being shipped outside the United Kingdom. If you attempt to place an order but no shipping cost is available, then please contact SylCreate and we will be able to advise.

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