Coldglaze PRO 2 Clear Gloss

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Coldglaze PRO 2 Clear Gloss repairs and reglazes china, ceramics and other materials without using heat in the glazing process

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Coldglaze PRO 2 Clear Gloss is the latest version of the Sylmasta Coldglaze System used to carry out repairs and reglaze china without the use of heat.

It is water resistant, very tough with high strength surface adhesion and cures to a hard, smooth finish with excellent non-yellowing qualities.

Coldglaze Clear Gloss is mixed with pigments to repaint patterns. It can be airbrushed even when mixed with powdered pigments and can also be mixed with oil colours.

It has been tested for 20 cycles in a dishwasher at 60°C without sign of deterioration. As a result, Coldglaze is used by museums and professional china restorers worldwide for restoration work to priceless items.

Coldglaze PRO 2 Clear Gloss is available in either a 625ml Kit or a 1.25 Litre Kit.

Please note that Coldglaze PRO 2 Clear Gloss is classed as hazardous. As a result, it may be subject to additional costs when being shipped outside of Europe. If you attempt to place an order but no shipping cost is available, then please contact us and we will be able to advise.

Coldglaze PRO 2 Clear Gloss details:

  • Surface dry: 10 to 15 minutes
  • Hard dry: 2 to 4 hours
  • Full properties: 7 days
  • Pot Life: 7 to 8 hours

How to use Coldglaze PRO 2
The mixing ratio is four parts resin to one part hardener by volume which should be thoroughly mixed using a small stirer. If the mix needs to be thinned, then you can add Coldglaze PT146 Thinners.

Once mixed, Coldglaze is applied by brush or airbrush. If required, a small amount of pigment can be added until the desired colour is achieved.

Force drying Coldglaze PRO 2
Coldglaze can be forced dried if required. To accelerate the drying process, a flash-off period of approximately 10 minutes should be allowed for the solvents to evaporate.

For force drying ceramics and metals, temperatures of up to 120°C are recommended for 20 to 30 minutes.

For plastic, extra care must be taken to avoid deformation of the plastic. Typically, the force drying process will take 2 to 3 hours at temperatures of 60°C.

To achieve a matt finish
For a matt finish, mix Sylmasta Matting Agent S532 with Coldglaze PRO 2. 70g to 80g of Matting Agent should be mixed per litre of Coldglaze Clear Gloss.

To create a white glaze
To create a white glaze, add 10% Sylmasta CGW White Paste for a high-quality, homogeneous white glaze.

To airbrush
To airbursh, mix Coldglaze Clear Gloss and then add approximately 20% by volume of Goldglaze PT146 Thinners to obtain a suitable viscosity. Adjustments can be made to the mix where necessary depending on the desire finish. A wet film thickness of 50 to 60 microns will result in a dry film thickness of 25 microns.

To prevent cobwebbing when spraying, Coldglaze PRO 2 Retarder can be added to PT146 Thinners to increase the working time and improve adhesion of Coldglaze Pro 2.

When airbrushing in high temperatures, the glaze may “cotton wool”. This can be avoided by adding 10% Retarder to the mixed glaze.

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