Coldglaze PRO 2 Retarder

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Coldglaze PRO 2 Retarder improves adhesion and prevents cobwebbing when used with Coldglaze PRO 2 Clear Gloss

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Coldglaze PRO 2 Retarder is used as part of the Sylmasta Coldglaze System to improve adhesion and prevent cobwebbing as part of the glazing process.

It increases the working time of Coldglaze PRO 2 Clear Gloss when added to Coldglaze PT146 Thinners at a ratio of 5 to 10% by volume.

Retarder quantity can be increased up to 100% (with no thinners used at all) with a slight reduction in gloss.

Coldglaze PRO 2 Retarder can also be mixed directly with Coldglaze Gloss to help prevent the glaze from suffering from “cotton wool” when airbrushing. Add 10% Retarder to the mixed glaze for the desired effect.

PRO 2 Retarder is available in 250ml or 500ml tins.

Please note that Coldglaze PRO 2 Retarder is classed as hazardous. As a result, it may be subject to additional costs when being shipped outside of Europe. If you attempt to place an order but no shipping cost is available, then please contact us and we will be able to advise.