Chinaglaze Low Temperature Glaze

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Chinaglaze repairs and reglazes china and other ceramics, giving an excellent gloss finish and high strength adhesion when fired at 80°C

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Chinaglaze Low Temperature is a perfectly clear, non-yellowing clear glaze used to repair and reglaze china and other ceramics.

It is normally fired at 80°C (176°F) for just 30 minutes, after which it gives an excellent hard gloss finish with high strength surface adhesion. It has a low odour when fired.

To cure Chinaglaze to white rather than clear, CGW White Paste can be added to the glaze. If the mix needs to be thinned, then Chinaglaze HP733 Thinners can be added.

Chinaglaze can also be mixed with oil colours or powder pigments. We recommend using powder pigments to retain the high strength characteristics of the glaze.

For a glazing product which cures at room temperature with no need for heating, please see Coldglaze PRO 2 Clear Gloss.

Please note that Chinaglaze Low Temperature Glaze is classed as hazardous. As a result, it may be subject to additional costs when being shipped outside of Europe. If you attempt to place an order but no shipping cost is available, then please contact us and we will be able to advise.

To achieve a matt finish
For a matt finish, mix Sylmasta Matting Agent S532 with Chinaglaze. 70g to 80g of Matting Agent should be mixed per litre of Chinaglaze.

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