Sylmasta Micro Abrasives

Sylmasta Micro Mesh Abrasives are cushioned abrasives engineered to create a high quality, polished finish to materials including plastics, acrylic, metals, soft wood paint and others. They work through the entire finishing process, from removing materials to leaving a wet-look, shiny surface.

Where conventional sandpaper is designed to dig deep leaving an uneven scratch pattern, Sylmasta Micro Mesh Abrasives use a cotton-backed, cushioned holding layer to prevent the abrasive grit from cutting aggressively. This extra flexibility cuts surfaces and materials with a planing motion, creating an extremely consistent, regular and fine scratch pattern.

Flexi-Files are easy-to-use hand tools where a padded board is coated with Sylmasta Micro Abrasives for use on metal, soft wood and plastic. They deburr small and contoured areas and smooth jagged edges and protrusions. Each Flexi-File contains a different number of abrasive grades through coarse, rough, smooth and final finish.

Micro Abrasive Pads are foam backed for greater versatility and conformity, enabling the polishing of curved surfaces and difficult-to-access areas. They are used for touching up scratches, sanding out marks and spot repairs. Micro Abrasive Pads are available in nine different grades or as a complete set.

Gloss Liquid is a very concentrated polish used as the final stage of the finishing process. It contains a one micron sized aluminium oxide abrasive crystal which works to remove residual fine scratches from surfaces, creating an ultra-smooth, shiny mirror finish.

The Sylmasta Acrylic Restoral Kit contains six different abrasive sheets, Gloss Liquid and polishing cloths. The Kit removes light damage and scratches, restoring optical clarity and gloss to surface areas of plastic and acrylic up to to 3 square metres (30 square feet).

Some Sylmasta Micro Mesh Abrasive products conform to NATO stock numbers. Please see individual product pages for details.

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Showing all 7 results