3-Way Flexi-File

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The 3-Way Flexi-File has three grades of micro abrasive which work plastics and other materials up to a very smooth final finish

SKU: SYL-1495


The 3-Way Flexi-File comes with three grades of micro abrasives which are used to shine plastic, metal, wood and other surfaces to a very smooth final finish.

One side of the 3-Way Flexi-File features two grades of abrasives and the other side one grade. Each grade on the 150mm long Flex-File is clearly distinguishable through different colouring.

The File is designed to be used in the following order:

  • Pink: Rough grade (2400)
  • White: Medium grade (4000)
  • Grey: Smooth finishing grade(12000)

Once you have used the Pink and White grades, you used the Grey grade of the 3-Way Flexi-File for finishing.

Flexi-Files have a degree of flexibility, allowing them to take the shape of the item being worked on. They leave a very fine and uniform scratch pattern.

If more material needs to be removed before finishing, then use a 100MX/150MX 2-Way Flexi-File first. This will speed up the process of material removal prior to using the 3-Way Flexi-File for the final plastic shine.

The 3-Way Flexi-File conforms to NATO stock number (NSN) 5350-01-337-3047.

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