4-Way Flexi-File & 50ml Micro Abrasive Gloss Liquid Set

£7.20 inc. VAT

Purchase 50ml Sylmasta Micro Abrasive Gloss Liquid and a 4-Way Flexi-File together at a discounted price for a limited time only



Give resin and other surfaces a high quality polish by picking up a 50ml bottle of Sylmasta Micro Abrasive Gloss Liquid and a 4-Way Flexi-File at a special price of just £7.20 for a limited time only.

When used together, these two items from our Micro Abrasives range can remove materials from surfaces and polish them to a high quality, ultra smooth finish with a wet look.

Flexi-Files have a degree of flexibility, allowing them to take the shape of the item being worked on. They leave a very fine and uniform scratch pattern.

The 4-Way Flexi-File is 150mm long and it comes with four grades of Micro Abrasives, two on each side, which are colour coded.

Black Grade is the coarsest (180MX) and used for the rapid removal of material. The surface can then be worked through to a smooth finish by using the rough Pink Grade (2400) followed by the medium White Grade (4000) and finishing with the smooth Grey Grade (12000) of the Flexi-File.

Micro Abrasive Gloss Liquid then provides an ultra-smooth and shiny mirror finish. The Liquid is slightly abrasive and gives a lovely wet look to surfaces.

It is water-based and contains one micron sized aluminium oxide crystal, which works to remove fine residual damage. Because the Liquid contains no aggressive solvents, it will not damage surfaces over time like other cleaners and polishes.

When used regularly, Sylmasta Micro Abrasive Gloss Liquid can improve the appearance of transparencies by removing haze, milkiness, and swirl marks left from previous incorrect cleaning methods.

Both the 4-Way Flexi-File and Micro Abrasive Gloss Liquid are effective on plastic, acrylic, metals, wood, coatings, paint urethanes, composites, and other materials, and can be used to polish resin.

You can add a soft cotton cloth for applying the Gloss Liquid to your purchase for an additional £2.50 by ticking the checkbox at the top of the page.

The 4-Way Flexi-File conforms to NATO stock number (NSN) 5110-01-345-8260.

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