The Sylmasta Acrylic Restoral Kit contains all the products needed to polish acrylic and plastic to a high gloss, ultra shiny finish

Micro Abrasives

Sylmasta Micro Abrasives are used to polish plastics, acrylic, metals, paint, soft wood, and other surfaces. They remove materials and shine to an ultra-smooth finish.

The Sylmasta range of abrasives come in various forms including pads, files and liquids. Sylmasta use micro mesh-sized abrasive grits to give the smoothest, glossiest possible finish. Powders are graded using a system of sieves known as meshes and powders are referred to by their mesh size – for example the particles of a 60 mesh powder are 250 microns in size. The very fine mesh used to grade micron-sized powders is known as a micro mesh.

Flexi-Files are easy-to-use hand tools which come with between two and three different grades of micro abrasives. They can be used for the rapid removal of material and the preparation of surfaces for finishing.

Micro Abrasive Gloss Liquid removes blemishes from transparencies and polishes acrylic, metals and plastics up to a mirror-like finish. Unlike other liquid cleaners and polishes, it contains no solvents and will therefore not damage surfaces over time.

Sylmasta Liquid Gloss is available as part of the Acrylic Restoral Kit. The Kit also contains abrasive cloths, polishing cloths and a foam support pad – all the products needed to remove scratches and damage and polish acrylic and soft plastic areas up to 3m² (30 square feet).

Micro Abrasive Pads are cushioned to prevent the abrasive grit from digging into the surface and cutting too aggressively, even if too much pressure is applied. There are nine different grades available for finishing surfaces of soft woods, plastic, metals, and paints.

Some Sylmasta Micro Abrasive products conform to NATO stock numbers. Please see individual product pages for details.

Sylmasta Micro Abrasives
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The Acrylic Restoral Kit contains all the Sylmasta Micro Abrasive products needed to polish acrylic and plastic to a high gloss, ultra smooth finish
Micro Abrasive Pads which are cushioned to create very fine and uniform scratch patterns in restoration tasks and applications which require a highly polished surface
Gloss Liquid removes haze, milkiness and swirl marks from transparencies and provides an ultra smooth and shiny mirror finish to plastics, metals and other surfaces
The 2-Way Flexi-File comes with two grades of micro abrasives and is used to deburr, smooth and polish small areas by rapidly removing material
The 4-Way Flexi-File has four grades of micro abrasives which enable both the quick removal of material and the polishing of surfaces to a very smooth finish