4-Way Flexi File

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The 4-Way Flexi-File has four grades of micro abrasives which enable both the quick removal of material and the polishing of surfaces to a very smooth finish

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The 4-Way Flexi-File has four grades of micro abrasives and is used in model making and other applications to remove material from surfaces before polishing to an ultra smooth finish.

Each side of the 4-Way Flex-File features two grades of abrasives. The grades are clearly distinguishable on the 150mm long Flexi-File through colouring.

The 4-Way Flexi-File should be used in the following order:

  • Black: Coarse grade (180MX)
  • Pink: Rough grade (2400)
  • White: Medium grade (4000)
  • Grey: Smooth finishing grade (12000)

The Black Grade rapidly removes material like a 2-Way Flexi-File. The model making surface can then be worked through to an ultra smooth finish by using the Pink, White and Grey Grades of the File.

Flexi-Files have a degree of flexibility, allowing them to take the shape of the item being worked on. They leave a very fine and uniform scratch pattern.

The 4-Way Flexi-File conforms to NATO stock number (NSN) 5110-01-345-8260.

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