Cushioned Micro Abrasive Pads 50mm x 50mm

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Micro Abrasive Pads which are cushioned to create very fine and uniform scratch patterns in restoration tasks and applications which require a highly polished surface

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Sylmasta Cushioned Micro Abrasive Pads are flexible, foam-backed pads which are used for the finishing of models in model making and the polishing of surfaces.

Micro Abrasive Pads are effective on materials including soft woods, plastic, metals, and paints. The cushioning prevents the abrasive grit from digging into the surface and cutting too aggressively, even if too much pressure is applied.

This leaves a very fine and uniform scratch pattern, making the Pads a popular product for restoration tasks and applications which require a highly polished surface.

Sylmasta Micro Abrasive Pads are used for touching up or repairing scratches and sanding out marks. Adding a little water to the pads will create an ultra-smooth finish.

Because the Pads are foam backed, they do not require a backing support pad like normal abrasive sheets. They can be washed and reused multiple times and their versatility makes them ideal for the finishing of curved surfaces.

Each Cushioned Micro Abrasive Pad is 50mm x 50mm. Pads are abrasive on both sides and are available in the following nine grades:

  • 1500
  • 1800
  • 2400
  • 3200
  • 3600
  • 4000
  • 6000
  • 8000
  • 12000

A Sylmasta Cushioned Micro Abrasive Pad Set can also be purchased featuring all nine grades.

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