Restoration Paints

Sylmasta Paints are used in restoration and modelling projects to provide a perfect, non-metallic finish. They can be easily applied with an airbrush or paintbrush.

Currently, we are only selling the Ultimate Gold range through SylCreate. The paints in the Ultimate Gold range provide different shades of gold and have been used to replace gold leaf in restoration projects. They can be mixed together to match virtually any gold tone.

Ultimate Gold Paints can be mixed with the dry pigments as well as solvent-based acrylics. They are applied either by hand using a paintbrush or with an airbrush in larger applications They are quick drying, after which no protective coats are required. Once dry, they can be hand washed.

If you would like information on our Ultimate Silver Paint or Ultimate Mirror Paint – used to replace the black marks in mirrors or make a mirror out of any piece of glass – then please contact Sylmasta via email or on +44 (0)1444 831459. Silver and Mirror Paint are available only when purchased in bulk.

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Showing all 2 results