European Gold Paint (15g)

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European Gold is a pale gold paint, the lightest shade available in the Sylmasta Ultimate Gold range

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Sylmasta European Gold is a pale gold paint for restoration and in projects which require a gold finish.

It is the palest paint available in the Ultimate Gold range and has been used to replace gold leaf.

Sylmasta paints provide a perfect, non-metallic finish and can easily be applied by airbrush or with a paintbrush.

They can be mixed with the dry pigments as well as solvent-based acrylics. They are quick drying, after which no protective coats are required. Once dry, they can be hand washed.

All of the paints in the Ultimate Gold range can be mixed together to match virtually any gold tone. European is the palest with English Gold featuring slightly more yellow and Antique Gold being a very dark, rich gold. European can be used to lighten the other Gold Paints.

Sylmasta European Pale Gold Paint is sold in 15g jars.