Modelling Putties

We stock and supply several epoxy modelling putty products, including Kneadatite Green Stuff, Magic Sculp, Geomfix and Milliput. For those who work with more than one putty, we have created a set of Modelling Putty Kits containing Green Stuff, Magic Sculp and Geomfix at a cheaper price compared to buying individual putties separately.

Green Stuff
Green Stuff is a favourite of wargamers. It is sticky with a smooth cut which holds fine details, making it suitable for intricate carving and adding details when converting existing models made from other epoxy putty. Once cured, it retains a degree of flexibility. It is malleable when set, allowing it to be bent into shape without breaking.

Magic Sculp
Magic Sculp has a fine grain structure and a soft consistency, meaning it does will not shrink or crack, even when formed in large structures. It can be smoothed with water to provide an ultra-smooth finish, making it popular with sculptors. In model making, Magic Sculp is used to create masters, assemble figures and carry out conversions.

Geomfix combines Green Stuff’s ability to hold fine detail with the hard finish of Magic Sculp, setting to a ceramic-like material. Its tough surface preserves fine details like facial features. Geomfix is used by model makers, china restorers, doll repairers, jewellery designers, pattern makers and industrial users. Geomfix Original is available in white, black or silver-grey. Geomfix Coloured offers 23 different coloured putties matching Swarovski crystals.

Superfast Wood
Superfast Wood is an epoxy putty specially formulated to match the colour and texture of wood. It can be sculpted and carved to create wooden figures, as a filler to repair existing sculptures and structures, or for the bonding together of broken furniture. Fantasy wargamers use it as a faster working alternative to Brown Stuff.

Milliput Epoxy Putty is a two-part, cold setting, non shrinking epoxy putty which is sold in cartons and comes in a range of colours. As well as model making and restoration work, Milliput is also used to repair many types of materials including metals, plastics, masonry, wood, glass and ceramics.

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Showing all 14 results