Superfast Wood Epoxy Putty Stick

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Fast-setting putty formulated to match the colour and texture of wood used for repair, restoration and carving of wood-like models

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Superfast Wood Stick is an epoxy putty specially formulated for use in wood restoration, sculpting, carving and as a repair filler.

When cured, it turns to a beige colour and shares a hardness and density similar to wood. It can be tapped, drilled, sawed, filed, carved, sanded, painted or stained.

Superfast Wood Stick is ideal for use as a wood filler, filling in holes and cracks and repairing dry rot and knot holes. It fixes furniture and bonds wood-to-wood and to other materials including metals, glass, masonry and many plastics.

Leading restorers and sculptors use it to repair damage to woodwork and reshape carvings. It repairs wooden frames and mouldings and can be worked with a wetted metal tool.

Superfast Wood can be used to create wooden sculptures and models. It is easily carved and will hold intricate detail. Some model makers use it as an alternative to Brown Stuff for sculpting weapons and building up bulk before adding detail with Green Stuff.

The putty is easy to use. It comes in a pre-prepared stick. You simply cut off the required amount of putty and knead it by hand. Whilst soft, it can be pushed into gaps as a filler or carved and shaped to restore and repair wooden items.

Superfast Wood epoxy putty has a work time of approximately 15-25 minutes. It will harden within an hour. The epoxy putty is resistant to water, chemicals, and temperature extremes, making it suitable for use in exterior and interior settings.

Sylmasta provide a range of other Superfast Epoxy Putty sticks with formulations for the repair of other materials.

If you are looking for specialist putties for use with concrete, plastic or ceramics, then please see the Superfast section of the Sylmasta website.

Superfast Wood Epoxy Putty Testimonials

Kevin Adams, Goblin Master Ltd:

“I use Wood Stick to make weapons as it files better than Green Stuff and does not fracture like Milliput. Its fast cure bulks up dollies more quickly than waiting for other modelling putties to set, so you spend less time waiting for the base of a model to go hard.”

Benefits of Superfast Wood Epoxy Putty

  • Sets beige and has been specifically designed for wood repair and restoration
  • Can be carved and sculpted to hold intricate detail
  • High strength adhesion to wood, metals, glass, masonry and many plastics
  • Fast work time of 15-20 minutes allows for rapid application


  • Creating wood-like models and accessories
  • Repairing wooden carvings, mouldings, frames and furniture
  • Filling holes, scratches and cracks in wood

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