Magic Sculp

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Magic Sculp is a versatile two-part epoxy modelling putty used by sculptors and model makers to create masters, assemble figures and convert existing models

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Magic Sculp is a two-part epoxy putty specifically designed for modelling and sculpting.

It is used to create masters, assemble figures and carry out conversions on exisitng models by those in both the scultpting and model making industries.

The grain structure of Magic Sculp makes it finer than most other modelling putty. It will not shrink or crack, even when formed in large structures.

Magic Sculp can be shaped by hand or with tools. It can be sanded, carved and painted; you can even attack it with a grinding tool and the cured material will not break of lose its shape.

Magic Sculp can be worked with water, it provides good adhesion and a smooth finish. It will cure at room temperature within approximately two to three hours before setting firmly when left overnight.


“It isn’t too sticky and even has a bit of a waxy feel. It can be rolled into very thin sections, especially if left to cure for a short while, so that it’s a bit firmer. All the masters I make are made with either plastic strip/sheet or Magic Sculp.” – Paul Wade, Red Zebra Models

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