Geomfix Original A+B Epoxy Modelling Putty

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Geomfix A+B is Sylmasta’s original formulation putty. It sets harder than other putties and has a very fine texture which makes it easy to shape

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Geomfix Original is an epoxy modelling putty with a fine texture for easy shaping which cures to a material as hard as ceramic, enabling it to preserve the finest of details.

It is used to create intricate models and for converting existing figures in all kinds of applications, ranging from scale model work to funkos. It is also popular for repair and restoration tasks because of the similarities it shares with ceramic.

Once mixed, Geomfix Original has a two hour work time. A full cure is achieved in 24 hours. This can be accelerated through the use of heat. Whereas some putties lose detail after hardening, the toughness of Geomfix allows it to better withstand the curing process.

Geomfix Original can be smoothed with a little water. Bulk quantities can be purchased and mixed at once for building up larger models. Its texture means that small pieces do not come out of the putty during the modelling process, nor will it crumble.

When filling in gaps, it can be thinned with a small amount of acetone, after which will penetrate the finest of cracks.

It has a high-strength bond to materials including metal, most plastics, glass, stone, wood, ceramic and jewellery. It can be mixed with other modelling putties – such as Green Stuff – to create a putty with unique properties. For more information on this, please read The Benefits of Mixing Modelling Putties.

Geomfix Original A+B is available in three colours: Standard (sets to off-white), Black or Silver-Grey. Once cured, it can be painted, filed, sanded, drilled, tapped and screwed.

Also in the Geomfix range is Geomfix Coloured Jewellery Modelling Epoxy Putty, which is available in 24 different colours matching Swarovski crystals as standard. For even more specific colourisation, SylCreate technicians can customise Geomfix beyond those colours.

Geomfix can be purchased as part of the SylCreate Modelling Putty Kit. The Kit also contains Green Stuff and Magic Sculp, offering a cost saving on buying each putty individually.

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