Green Stuff Stick

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Green Stuff Stick is the original formulation green putty in stick form. It is the perfect product for creating and adding fine details



Green Stuff is used for detailed model making with the stick format providing the resin and the filler as totally separate components for greater control over the putties properties.

It is sticky with a smooth cut which holds fine details extremely well. This makes it popular for sculpting fantasy miniatures where intricate carving is required. It is also suitable for adding greater detail when converting existing models.

Green Stuff can be applied to plastic, resin and metal miniatures and then moulded into shape. When fully cured, it is solid enough to glue other components to whilst retaining a degree of flexibility, giving it elastic qualities. It is malleable when set, allowing it to be bent into shape without breaking.

It has a work time of between one-and-a-half and two hours. Green Stuff’s cure time is four to five hours, and it reaches maximum hardness 20 to 24 hours after mixing.

With Green Stuff Stick, the yellow filler and the blue hardener are supplied in different sticks. This enables the user to change the mix ratios.

Increasing the amount of blue hardener in the ratio will lead to a harder, faster-curing putty. It will be a darker green in colour and less sticky. This ratio of mixing is used for jobs when stronger putty is required.

For more detailed work, you should increase the ratio of yellow filler to blue hardener. This will form a lighter green putty which is slower to cure and much more flexible for carving and sculpting.

You can find out more about this over on the Kneadatite Duro Green Stuff website, where there is an excellent guide provided to using Green Stuff.

To create a slightly stiffer, harder putty for larger jobs then Green Stuff can be mixed with Geomfix Original A+B.


“I’ve been using Green Stuff for over 30 years now and it’s helped me make my living as a freelancer.” – The Goblin Master Kevin Adams



Benefits of Green Stuff Stick

  • Stick format allows for greater control over the putties properties
  • Stickier putty which retains a degree of flexibility when cured
  • Smooth cut allows the putty to hold fine details extremely well
  • Can be applied to other materials and moulded into shape



  • Fantasy miniatures and table top gaming
  • Adding details to existing models
  • Carrying out conversions


Work completed with Green Stuff


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