Modelling Putty Kit XL

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The Putty Kit XL contains twice as much Green Stuff, Magic Sculp and Geomfix as the Standard Kit for a greater cost saving

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The SylCreate Modelling Putty Kit XL combines three popular modelling putties in one Kit for a significant cost saving for customers.

Green Stuff, Magic Sculp and Geomfix Original A+B are the three putties included. The Modelling Kit XL contains twice as much putty as the Standard Kit, offering a saving of £13.90 on purchasing each putty individually.

The three putties have different properties which are suitable for different modelling and sculpting tasks.

Green Stuff is the stickiest of the three which gives it more flexibility than other putties. This allows it to be bent and moulded into shape without breaking once it has set.

Green Stuff gives a smooth, soft cut which makes it good for carving intricate details.

Magic Sculp has a consistency which makes it suitable for larger model making and sculpting tasks. It does not shrink or crack, even when formed in large structures and it can be smoothed with water, sanded, carved and painted.

Geomfix Original A+B is the most versatile of the three putties. It sets harder than any other modelling putty, allowing it to preserve fine details while at the same time being extremely easy to model and shape.

Once cured, Geomfix has the feel of ceramic, making it ideal for restoration and sculpture tasks.

The putties in the SylCreate Putty Kit can also be mixed together to alter the characteristics of the putty. Combining Green Stuff with Geomfix Original A+B for example will create a stiffer, harder putty – but one which still maintains the flexibility of Green Stuff.

SylCreate Modelling Putty Kit Contents:

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