Milliput Turquoise Blue

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Milliput Turquoise Blue sets to a blue colour for use in woodturning, jewellery making and marbling



Milliput Turquoise Blue is an epoxy putty which sets to a blue colour for use in woodturning, jewellery making, marbling and sculpting.

It was introduced to the market in 2019 after Milliput asked their customers for feedback on what colours should be added to the existing range.

Blue was the popular choice, particularly among the woodturning community. Milliput Turquoise Blue can also be used to repair and bond marble and for creating vibrant coloured jewellery.

Milliput comes as a two-part, cold setting, non shrinking epoxy putty in cartons containing one 56.7gm stick of each part.

Once cured, Milliput can be drilled, filed and sanded while still retaining its adhesive properties and bonding strength. It is soft to carve once fully set.

As well as Turquoise Blue, there are four other grades available: Standard, Superfine White, Terracotta, Silver Grey and Black.

These other grades of Milliput can be viewed on the modelling putties section of our website.

For a harder wearing but equally easy-to-use alternative to Milliput, please see Geomfix Original A+B Modelling Putty. Original A+B can be used effectively on fine, delicate work as well as the largest of models or repairs.

Geomfix also manufacture a Coloured Modelling Putty which is available in 26 different colours matching Swarovski crystals.

Gemofix Coloured is highly customisable. If the colour you require isn’t listed, then we have the ability at SylCreate to custom produce a coloured modelling putty to match your requirements. For more information on this service, then please contact us.

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