PolyCast G27 Polyurethane Casting Resin

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PolyCast G27 is a low viscosity casting resin with a pot life of 150 seconds and a de-mould time of 25 minutes to 10mm

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PolyCast G27 Polyurethane Casting Resin is a low viscosity, fast curing two-part resin which is suitable for casting small, fine detailed parts with sections as small as 0.5mm thick.

PolyCast resins are ideal for reproducing parts from a single master in small production runs, as an alternative to injection moulding or individually machined parts.

Parts made using Sylmasta casting resins have very low shrinkage and do not sag or distort with heat.

As a result, Sylmasta casting resins have been trusted by professional kit builders and industrial users for years for their high detail and repeatability.

They also have a very low odour, unlike traditional polyester resins. Each 2kg Polycast pack contains 1kg of resin and 1kg of hardener. For those wanting to buy in bulk, a 10kg kit featuring 5 x 2kg packs is available.

Polycast G27 cures to a light beige colour (Original). Eight other colours – black, white, red, blue, yellow, brown, green and grey – are available as standard.

For G27 Casting Resin that is custom made to order and coloured matched to a more specific Pantone or RAL colour, please contact SylCreate via email with the full Pantone or RAL Colour Reference number for a quote.

We sell a range of accessories which are used in the casting process, including monoject syringes and mixing cups. You can find these in the Casting & Mould Making Accessories section of our website.


“Polycast G27 Resin cures in an ideal time. It is enough time to work it into the moulds, but then not too long as to hold up projects. I also like the sharp and crisp results it gives, they are perfect!” – Dr Alex Clark, author of Small Scale Modelling Masterclass


Polycast G27 Polyurethane Low Viscosity Casting Resin details:

  • Pot Life: 150 seconds
  • De-mould time: 25 minutes up to 10mm thick
  • Viscosity: 75 mPa-s
  • Mixing ratio: 50:50

The following models, figures and accessories were all made using Polycast G27 Casting Resin and have been sent to us by our customers.

To have your work feature in our G27 Casting Resin gallery, then please send an email with photos and a description to sales@sylmasta.com

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