Casting Resins

A tank made from Polycast polyurethane casting resin

Polycast Polyurethane Casting Resins cure to create high-quality copies of original parts when poured into a master mould. They have low shrinkage and do no sag and distort with heat, making them trusted for their detail and repeatability.

Scale model makers use Polycast Resins to create reproductions of masters they have sculpted from epoxy putty or kit parts which have been modified. Resin artists use Polycast to copy items from original work, including jewellery, figurines and other artefacts. Industrial users replicate machine parts with Polycast, avoiding the repetitive task of fabricating new components.

A range of viscosities and cure speeds are available for creating casts of different sizes, from small and intricate pieces up to larger parts. Polyurethane resins have very low odour, unlike traditional polyester resins.

Polycast Casting Resins sets to beige as standard. Should a specific coloured casting resin be required, then we have the capability to custom-make a resin to any RAL or PANTONE colour. For more information, please contact SylCreate by email.

Alternatively, oil-based or dry pigments can be added by the user to colour the resin. Also available is CPU31 ClearCast, an optically clear, non-yellowing resin resistant to UV for producing water-clear casts.

We also produce a range of Silicone Moulding Rubbers which have been designed for use with Polycast Resin. You can purchase both Moulding Rubber and Casting Resin together in the SylCreate Casting Kit XL, containing all the products, accessories and instructions needed to begin resin casting.

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Showing all 5 results