Superglue Kit

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Kit containing three grades of Sylmasta Cyanoacrylate Superglues and Ultra-Fine Nozzles offering a cost saving on buying each glue separately

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The Superglue Kit contains three grades of Sylmasta Cyanoacrylate Superglue and Ultra-Fine Nozzles to cover every scale model making, kit building, repair and arts and craft task.

Included in the Kit are 20g bottles of CAE1500 High Viscosity Superglue, CAE 120 Multipurpose Superglue and CAE3 Penetrating Superglue. Purchasing a Superglue Kit offers a cost saving on buying each grade separately.

CAE1500 High Viscosity Superglue
CAE1500 is the thickest grade of Sylmasta superglue. It has a slightly longer cure time than other superglues when used on non-absorbent materials like metal (up to 25 seconds) and plastics (5 to 10 seconds).

This allows parts to be moved and adjusted rather than undergoing an instant bond, providing greater control over the assembly of metal, plastic, rubber, porcelain, fine china, ceramics and jewellery.

On porous surfaces like wood, paper and fabrics, CAE1500 has a cure time of less than a second. Its thickness also makes it suitable for filling large gaps.

CAE120 Multipurpose Superglue
CAE120 is a medium viscosity general use superglue. It has a cure time of under 3 seconds to all materials, enabling rapid adhesion to take place.

It is formulated to perform in lower humidity situations and bonds particularly well to difficult materials, like plastics.

CAE3 Penetrating Superglue
CAE3 is a lower viscosity superglue which is as thin as water. This allows it to flow easily into small and difficult areas, which thicker superglues struggle to access.

Closely fitted parts can be locked into place with just one drop of CAE3. It is thin enough to wick into joints, seals porous surfaces and can be used to permanently set knots in cord and string.

Ultra-Fine Nozzles
Ultra-Fine Nozzles are fitted onto Sylmasta Cyanoacrylate Superglues to improve the accuracy of glueing. They apply beads of superglue as small as 0.55mm.

This reduces wastage and creates cleaner, neater glue lines during model making and repair applications.


Benefits of Superglue Kit

  • Three grades of cyanoacrylate superglue covering all types of application
  • Ultra-Fine Nozzles enable more accurate bonding
  • Kit is more cost effective than buying each glue separately



  • Bonding plastics, metal, ceramic, wood, card, fibre, porcelain and china
  • Scale model making and kit building assemblies
  • Arts and crafts tasks
  • Restoration and repair of broken items


We also sell a Superglue & Activator Kit, which includes a 50ml bottle of Superglue Activator for speeding up cure time and preventing porous materials absorbing lower viscosity glues.

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