Sylmasta CAE120 Multipurpose Superglue

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Sylmasta CAE120 is a multipurpose superglue which bonds within seconds to plastics, rubber, metal, porcelain, ceramics & wood

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Sylmasta CAE120 Superglue is a multipurpose cyanoacrylate glue which has been specifically formulated to rapidly bond difficult substrates.

CAE120 is a general use superglue which is effective on plastics, rubber, metal, porcelain, ceramics & wood.

It will achieve a strong bond within seconds and is available in two sizes, 20g or 500g.

Sylmasta CAE120 Multipurpose Superglue can also be purchased as part of the Sylmasta Superglue Kit. The Kit includes CAE1500 High Viscosity Superglue, CAE3 Penetrating Superglue and Ultra-Thin Nozzles as well as CAE120 Superglue.

There is an additional Superglue & Activator Kit which contains all three grades of Superglue plus Sylmasta 50ml Activator.

Each Kit offers a cheaper cost per purchase than when buying Superglues, Activator and Nozzles separately.

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