Ultra-Fine Superglue Nozzles

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Ultra-Fine Nozzles allow for total control over the application of Sylmasta Superglues by applying beads and drops as small as 0.5mm

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Sylmasta Ultra-Fine Superglue Nozzles are for use with the three grades of Sylmasta Superglues.

They give total control of the application of Superglue, reducing wastage and allowing beads and drops as small as 0.5mm to be applied giving cleaner, neater glue lines.

The nozzles are reusable and can be cut back as they become worn. Four nozzles are included per pack.

Ultra-Fine Superglue Nozzles work with CAE1500 High Viscosity Superglue, CAE120 Multipurpose Superglue and CAE3 Penetrating Superglue.

They be also be purchased as part of the Sylmasta Superglue Kit. The Kit includes all three grades of Sylmasta Superglue as well as one pack of Ultra-Fine Nozzles.

There is an additional Superglue & Activator Kit which contains Sylmasta 50ml Activator alongside the contents of the standard kit.

Each Kit offers a cheaper cost per purchase than when buying Superglues, Activator and Ultra-Fine Nozzles as separate items.

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