Sylmasta Superglue & Activator Kit

£25.98 inc. VAT

The Sylmasta Superglue & Activator Kit comes with Activator for speeding up the bonding process of the three grades of Superglue



The Sylmasta Superglue Kit contains three different grades of Sylmasta Superglue and Superglue Activator to speed up the bonding process.

It is the perfect Superglue Kit for model kit building. Each Kit contains:

  • Sylmasta Superglue Activator 50ml. When Activator is applied to glue prior to bonding, the glue in question will cure in seconds. Activator can be used to aid in the curing process of large volumes of glue and it also prevents porous materials from absorbing Superglue. The Activator in the Kit comes in a 50ml bottle and can be either brush or spray applied.
  • Sylmasta CAE1500 High Viscosity Superglue 20g. CAE1500 has a longer bonding time offering maximum control over the adhesion process. It is effective on rubbers, metals and most plastics and is used where the material to be bonded is absorbent such as wood, paper, porcelain and fabrics and for gap filling
  • Sylmasta CAE120 Multipurpose Superglue 20g. A general use glue which achieves a strong bond within seconds to plastics, rubber, metal, porcelain, ceramics & wood.
  • Sylmasta CAE3 Penetrating Superglue 20g. CAE3 is a low viscosity glue which has the consistency of water, allowing it to flow easily into small and difficult areas. It wicks into closely fitted parts and can lock parts into place with just one drop that penetrates.
  • Ultra-Fine Superglue Nozzles. These give total control of the application of the Superglues, reducing wastage and allowing beads and drops as small as 0.5mm to be applied for cleaner, neater glue lines.

Each Kit offers a cheaper cost per purchase than when buying Superglues and the other accessories separately.

For those who don not require a such a rapid curing time, then please see the Sylmasta Superglue Kit, which does not contain Activator and maybe represent a more cost-effective product.

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