Superglue Activator 200ml (Aeorosol)

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Superglue Activator 200ml comes in aerosol form and is sprayed onto Sylmasta glues to speed up curing time

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Sylmasta Superglue Activator is used to speed up the bonding process of any grade of Sylmasta Superglue.

When Activator is applied to glue prior to bonding, the glue in question will cure in seconds.

Activator can be used to aid in the curing process of large volumes of glue. It also prevents porous materials from absorbing Superglue.

Sylmasta 200ml Activator comes in aeorosol form. It is effective with CAE1500 High Viscosity Superglue, CAE120 Multipurpose Superglue and CAE3 Penetrating Superglue.

A smaller version which can be both spray applied and brush applied is available, please see the Sylmasta Activator 50ml for details.

Activator 50ml is available as part of the Superglue & Activator Kit. The Kit contains all three grades of Sylmasta Superglue plus Ulta-Fine Nozzles.

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