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Plasticine is used to fill part of a mould box during the creation of the first half of a split two-part silicone rubber mould

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Plasticine is used in the creation of two-part silicone rubber moulds during the casting and moulding process.

It is put into the mould box first before any other component. The item to be moulded is then pressed into the plasticine. Impression keys are next added into the plasticine.

The silicone moulding rubber can then be poured into the box, taking a mould of the half of the item not encapsulated.

Once the de-mould time of the silicone rubber has passed, the plasticine is removed. Left behind is the first part of the split mould.

The second part is then made by pouring further silicone moulding rubber into the box. This cures to form a mould of the rest of the item previously encapsulated with plasticine.

We have detailed how plasticine can be used in mould making and casting process on the Showcase Section of our website, including a video showing how to make and use a two-part silicone mould for resin casting. The video is also available under the Videos tab on this product page.

Plasticine is sold in 150g packages. Please note that the colour may differ from the red shown in the product pictures. This has no impact on the effectiveness of plasticine in the casting and moulding process.

Benefits of Plasticine in Casting & Moulding

  • Easy to use and remove from mould box
  • Can be reused for creation of several moulds


  • Creating two-part split silicone rubber moulds


How to make and use a two-part silicone mould for resin casting

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