Casting & Mould Making Accessories

Wooden stirrers, Supercups and monoject syringes are useful accessories for the casting and mould making process

We supply a range of accessories which can be used to make the resin casting and silicone mould making process easier for scale model makers, kit builders, resin artists and industrial users.

Pipettes are used to carefully dispense activators, casting resins and other liquids. They can hold 3ml at a time and are graduated for accurate measurements. The Monoject Syringe holds 12ml of liquid and enables even greater accuracy. Its curved tip makes it particularly useful when dispensing into a two-part mould or hard-to-reach areas.

SuperCups are robust mixing cups which are solvent resistant and used for the mixing of rubbers and resins. They are clearly marked for accurately measuring out different ratios and can be reused up to 50 times depending on the liquid being mixed and the cleaning process. Wooden Stirrers make mixing of moulding rubbers and resins easy.

Plasticine is used in the creation of split-part moulds. When the first half of the mould is being made, plasticine encapsulates the part of the original item which is to form the second half of the mould.

Our resin casting accessories can be purchased separately. Alternatively, Pipettes, SuperCups and Wooden Stirrers are all included in the SylCreate Casting Kit XL along with 1kg of 380 Silicone Moulding Rubber, 2kg of Polycast G26 Casting Resin and full instructions for the casting and moulding process.

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Showing all 5 results