Pasteur Pipettes 3ml

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3ml Polyurethane Pasteur Pipettes marked with 0.5ml graduations for dispensing activators, resins, colours and other liquids

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Pasteur pipettes are graduated and used to carefully dispense activator, casting resins and other liquids during the casting and mould making process.

Each Pipette has a capacity of 3ml and is marked with 0.5ml graduations. They are chemically resistant, pliable and made from translucent polyurethane, allowing the user to easily see the liquid inside.

Pipettes have numerous uses in casting and moulding. They accurately dispense the correct amount of activator during the creation of silicone rubber moulds. They can be used to introduce colour into polyurethane casting resins and ClearCast CPU31 urethane casting resin. Mixed resin can then be injected into the mould using graduated Pasteur Pipettes.

Pipettes can be seen dispensing catalyst into silicone moulding rubber on our Showcase article How to make and use a two-part silicone mould for resin casting. There is also a video available under the Videos tab on this product page.

Pipettes are included in the SylCreate Resin Casting & Silicone Moulding Kit. The Kit contains 380 Silicone Moulding Rubber, Polycast G26 Polyurethane Casting Resin, Release Agent for making two-part moulds and a range of other accessories. It offers a cost saving on buying moulding rubber and resin separately.

For more accurate dispensation of casting resins, please see the Monoject Syringe. It has a capacity of 12ml and comes with a curved tapered tip. This lessens spillage and waste, especially when dispensing into a two-part mould or other hard-to-reach areas.

Away from casting and moulding, Pipettes can be used to dispense catalyst in other two-part compounds such as liquid rubber and brushable epoxy coatings. They are also suitable for laboratories.

Please note, Pasteur Pipettes are non-sterile. They can be purchased in either packs of 10 or boxes of 500.

Benefits of Pasteur Pipettes

  • 0.5ml graduations for ensuring correct mixing ratios
  • Made from robust, long-lasting polyurethane
  • Chemically resistant and pliable


  • Dispensing catalyst into silicone moulding rubber
  • Injecting resin into a two-part silicone mould
  • Introducing colour and other dispersions into casting resin


How to make and use a two-part silicone mould for resin casting

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