Geomfix Coloured Epoxy Modelling Putty 1kg

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Geomfix Colour is the version of Geomfix A+B modelling putty available in a wide range of colours

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Geomfix Coloured Epoxy Putty is a two-part, multi-use epoxy modelling and jewellery putty available in 24 different colours.

It is used in a variety of applications, including model making, creating large sculptures, jewellery making and design, antique restoration and wood turning.

The 24 standard colour range match Swarovski crystals, making Geomfix Coloured the ideal putty for bonding crystals in the manufacture of custom jewellery.

Geomfix sets harder than other putties, making it easier to handle. Its ceramic-like quality makes it perfect for building up bulk, whilst at the same time it has a fine, grain structure for holding detail.

The texture of Geomfix means that pieces do not come away, nor does it crumble. It can be smoothed with a little water and thinned with acetone, enabling the putty to penetrate the finest of cracks when gap filling or restoring.

Geomfix has a high-strength bond to materials including glass, stone, metal, ceramic, wood, plastic and fabric. Once mixed, Geomfix has a two-hour work time. A full cure is achieved in 24 hours.

Because Geomfix Coloured Epoxy Putty is made-to-order on-site by SylCreate, further colour customisation is possible beyond the standard options.

Previous custom-made putties include specialist brick putty, specific colours for use in restoration and putties designed for sculpting figures and funkos.

If you require a colour more specialised than those available on the colour chart, please contact SylCreate for more information.

Please note that Geomfix Crystal White sets to a very bright white. For a standard off-white, please see our Geomfix Original A+B Epoxy Putty.


Benefits of Geomfix Coloured Epoxy Putty

  • Available in 24 colours as standard – with further customisation possible
  • Hard setting, making it easier to handle and better at withstanding curing
  • Fine grain structure enables it to hold intricate details
  • Bonds easily to all materials



  • Jewellery making, including bonding crystals
  • Scale model making and conversions
  • Antique restoration
  • Wood turning and marbling


Geomfix Coloured Epoxy Putty Colour Guide

Geomifx Coloured Putty comes in a range of colours and can be fully customised by the technicians at Sylmasta

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