Hxtal NYL-1 Clear Epoxy

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Hxtal NYL-1 is a crystal clear epoxy adhesive which has exceptional non yellowing qualities. It is used to bond and repair ceramic and glass

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Hxtal NYL-1 is a crystal clear epoxy adhesive with exceptional non-yellowing qualities which makes it ideal for the bonding and repair of ceramic and glass.

It remains completely transparent once applied, even after a long period of direct light exposure. Unlike other epoxy adhesives, Hxtal NYL-1 undergoes a stringent purification process during its manufacture which removes all traces of the metal ions which cause yellowing from the epoxy.

This crystal clear quality is why Hxtal NYL-1 is the favoured epoxy of conservation institutions, art museums and glass artists worldwide, including the British Museum who repaired the priceless Portland Vase with Hxtal NYL-1 epoxy.

Hxtal NYL-1 comes in two parts and is mixed at a ratio of one part of part A to three parts of part B in a clean glass. After the initial mixing, Hxtal is extremely thin, making it ideal for penetrating deep cracks in glass and ceramics.

As you drop small amounts of Hxtal into the crack, the epoxy will fill the gaps and the crack will vanish from view. To increase the penetration of Hxtal NYL-1, a hairdryer or UV Lamp can be used to warm the area requiring repair to around 50°C.

For bonding broken pieces, the mixed Hxtal NYL-1 is left to thicken before application. This makes the epoxy easier to apply to the parts requiring repair, which are pushed together for Hxtal to form a super-strength bond between them. Any excess Hxtal can be wiped away using a cloth.

Hxtal NYL-1’s initial cure time is 72 hours at 23°C. Between 24 and 30 hours after application, any excess epoxy can be removed with a single edge razor blade or razor knife. It reaches 90 percent adhesive strength after seven days.

The cure time can be increased by warming the item being repaired to between 26°C and 37°C for one or two days. Warming should only take place after 36 hours of natural curing, otherwise the strength of the repair can be compromised.

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