UHU Plus Sofortfest 2 Minute Epoxy (35g)

£9.90 inc. VAT

UHU Sofortfest is a two-part epoxy resin which bonds to all materials with an extra fast working time of two minutes



UHU Plus Sofortfest is a two-part epoxy resin adhesive with an extra fast working time of 2 minutes.

It is designed for use on metal, glass, procelain, ceramic, wood, marble, stone, concrete, thermosets, glass fiber reinforced plastics, hard-pvc, rubber, Styrofoam and more.

Initial strength is achieved after 5 minutes with a final strength of 800 N/cm². UHU Plus Sofortfest becomes transparent when hardened and is resistant to age and humidity.

UHU Plus Sofortfest Extra Fast Epoxy Adhesive is supplied in two 15ml tubes. The mixing ratio of the epoxy is 1:1 by volume.

For a slower working two-part epoxy adhesive, then please see UHU Plus Schnellfest which has a work time of 5 minutes. UHU also manufacture Endfest, a heavy-duty two-part epoxy with a work time of 90 minutes.

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