UHU Adhesives

UHU Adhesives and glues are used for scale model making, art and craft, and repair applications around the world

As one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of adhesives, UHU produce a selection of glue and two-part epoxies for use in model making, craft, restoration and repair applications.

We stock three different formulations of UHU Epoxy Adhesives with various cure speeds and strengths. UHU Epoxies bond to metal, plastics, wood, ceramic, porcelain, glass, rubber, cork, felt, fabrics, leather, cardboard and many other materials.

Sofortfest is the fastest working UHU Epoxy, curing in just two minutes. The rapid working time of Sofortfest makes it popular for the repair and bonding of small items where minimal glueing is required, reducing the amount of holding and clamping needed whilst the epoxy sets. It offers very strong bonds.

Schnellfest is a high strength epoxy adhesive with a five minute work time. This enables parts to be fitted more accurately without the worry of an instant cure. Schnellfest is transparent once hardened, making it popular for glass repair, ceramic restoration and scale model and kit building projects where clear glue lines are required.

Endfest is the strongest available UHU Epoxy. It has a 90 minute cure time for bigger, more complex bonding and repair tasks where time and care need to be taken. Such a long working time enables parts to be moved and adjusted once fitted together for more accurate fitting. Endfest can be purchased in bulk sizes. It is also available in a Dual-Barrell Cartridge, which extrudes precise amounts of the two components in perfectly measured ratios.

We also sell UHU Plast Special Plastic Glue. It is specially formulated for bonding most types of plastics, as well as plastic to other materials including wood, paper and card.

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Showing all 5 results