UHU Plus Endfest Epoxy Adhesive Dual-Barrell Cartridge 50ml

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UHU Plus Endfest Dual-Barrel Cartridge extrudes both parts of UHU’s ultra strong epoxy adhesive in perfectly measured ratios for a more user-friendly application

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UHU Plus Endfest Dual-Barrel Cartridge 50ml extrudes both parts of UHU’s ultra strong epoxy adhesive in perfectly measured ratios from a user-friendly cartridge.

The epoxy adhesive is extracted using a 50ml Applicator Gun. The resin and hardener are dispensed in equal measures, removing the need to extrude from separate tubes or containers as with standard UHU epoxy adhesive.

UHU Plus Endfest has a working time of approximately 90 minutes. It is solvent free and used in model making, kit building, art and craft projects, repair and restoration.

It is suitable for use on metal, pottery, porcelain, pearls, precious stones, wood, marble and various synthetics. UHU Adhesives can also be used for gap filling.

UHU Endfest is resistant to water, chemicals and temperatures between -40 °C and +100 °C. Bonds made with UHU Adhesives do not age and are resistant to shock. The cured adhesive is paintable.

To use UHU Plus Endfest Dual-Barrell Cartridge, you extract the required amount of epoxy onto a mixing tray. The parts are then thoroughly mixed with a spatula.

A thin layer of mixed adhesive is applied to one of the two materials to be bonded. The 90 minute cure allows plenty of time to work carefully.

Once the two materials have been joined together, they must be kept in place for seven hours for a full cure to be obtained. It is recommended to use either a clamp or adhesive tape to keep the parts together.

For an epoxy adhesive in cartridge format with a quicker cure time than the 90 minutes of UHU Plus Endfest, please see Sylmasta Rapid 5 Minute.


Benefits of UHU Plus Endfest Epoxy Adhesive Double-Barrell Cartridge

  • Cartridge ensures accurate mix ratios and removes the need to extract epoxy from separate containers
  • 90 minute work time gives more time to work in complex bonding tasks
  • Super strong (up to 170 kg/cm²)
  • Water resistant and chemical resistant



  • Repairing metal, ceramics, stone, porcelain, polyester and rigid polystyrene
  • Model making and kit building
  • Glueing tasks in arts and crafts
  • Filling gaps


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