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The craft, hobby and model making products to get you through lockdown

Resin casting is one of the craft, hobby and model making activities which you could take up during lockdown

Britain is going back into lockdown. The United Kingdom government announced that lockdown restrictions are to be imposed from Thursday 5th November 2020 until at least Wednesday 2nd December – which means that the nation will suddenly find itself with a lot of time for craft, hobby and model making. Again.

The previous shutdown saw millions of people across the country use their increased time at home to take up new craft skills, rediscover old pastimes and become creative in a way in which modern life pre-lockdown never really allowed. It was one of the few positives of those Spring months confined to our homes.

And here we go again. The prospect of a winter lockdown is even more bleak; cold weather, darkness and the prospect of a quite different Christmas which is rapidly approaching are set to make these latest restrictions more challenging than the first.

Which is why craft, hobby and model making is going to be important again. What better way to help pass the time and take your mind off the world than by getting creative and having something to show for your efforts when the country opens again?

Here are our top four SylCreate craft, hobby and model making products to get you through Lockdown 2.

Casting Kit

Resin casting is an extremely popular pastime – and it is not hard to see why. It involves taking a mould of an item and then recreating it multiple times using casting resin. There are so many directions that you can go when resin casting that it is hard to know where to begin.

Our friends at The Pea Hive create brilliant handmade jewellery. Design Director Loz produces colourful, kitsch, and sparkly items with resins which she sets with additional materials including Swarovski crystals and glitter.

Let us whisk you from earrings and necklaces to ancient Rome. Paul Hallett uses casting resins to recreate scale replicas of historic buildings including Tudor homes, Victorian pubs and his pièce de resistance, a stunning Roman amphitheatre which took two years to make. Fingers crossed Lockdown 2 does not go on for long enough for you to have a go at that…

To make the casting and mould making process simple, we sell all the products needed to get started in one easy-to-user kit. The SylCreate Casting Kit comes with silicone moulding rubber to create moulds, resin to pour into the moulds which create casts alongside all the accessories needed.

There are full instructions included with the kit which will guide you through the entire process. Who knows where a journey into the world of resin casting will take you? Homemade jewellery, newly cast versions of ornaments and trinkets you already own, maybe even a Colosseum or two – the possibilities are endless.

Modelling Putty Kit

You can use modelling putty to create almost anything. We have seen our products used to carve creations, create Funkos, take paw prints of animals, modify military figures, sculpt accessories and even repair a 19th century lantern.

Some of the most intricate model makers are found in the fantastic world of fantasy. Whole sections of the huge Warhammer Community and the table-top gaming sphere rely on modelling putties to bring their ideas to life.

The Goblin Master Kevin Adams is one of the world’s leading model makers when it comes to – surprise, surprise – goblins. Kevin has many other strings to his bow, including one of our favourite uses of modelling putty when he converts heads on existing models into anything in exchange for charity donations at the annual Bring Out Your Lead event hosted by Foundry Miniatures. Many people ask Kevin to sculpt the faces of their wife and children in putty.

For beginners who want to start using model making putty as part of their new lockdown craft hobby, it can often be difficult to know which putty to use – which is where the Modelling Putty Kit comes in. We have bundled up our three most popular putties – Green Stuff, Magic Sculp and Geomfix Original A+B – in one kit at a cheaper cost compared to buying separately.

Not only can you experiment with different putties to see which one works best for you, but you can also mix modelling putties together. Combining Green Stuff with Geomfix can create a new putty with unique properties for different tasks.

It is a brilliant way to get creative – although we would not recommend sculpting your wife’s face without some serious practice, unless you are actively trying for a divorce.

Sylmasta Superglue Kit

During the previous lockdown between March and September, Hornby enjoyed a 33% jump in sales. The company is most famous for its model railways, but it now also makes Scalextric racing sets and Airfix model plane kits amongst others.

Model railway enthusiasts are well catered for with our Slater’s Plastikard Purge. Every sheet of embossed Plastikard we have in stock has been cut to £1.50, a discount of 50% on the normal sale price.

Away from Plastikard, lots of the model making, craft and hobby tasks you might find yourself wanting to undertake during lockdown require a common material – glue. In which case, you will  want to get your hands on the Sylmasta Superglue Kit.

The Kit comes with three different viscosity superglues which bond to all materials. Also included are Ultra-Fine Nozzles which offer greater control over the application process. For those wanting to glue in a hurry, the Sylmasta Superglue & Activator Kit comes with additional activator which speeds up the curing process of the glue.

Superfast Wood Stick

It was not just craft, hobby and model making that received a boon from lockdown first time around – lots of people used their newfound spare time for carrying out DIY and restoration tasks.

If you have wood on your mind, then we have just the product for you. Superfast Wood Stick is an epoxy putty which is used for restoring and repairing all types of wood. Whether it is an ornament with chunks missing, furniture which requires restoring or a fence with holes that need filling, simply cut off the amount of putty required from the stick, knead it by hand and mould it into a repair.

Superfast Wood Stick is not the only epoxy putty we have for restoration. Over on you will find Superfast Concrete Stick which does the same job on stone and concrete whilst Milliput Terracotta is perfect for any terracotta coloured repairs you may suddenly find yourself with the time to carry out.

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