Micro Abrasive Gloss Liquid 50ml

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Liquid which removes residual fine surface scratches and polishes to a very high gloss, creating an ultra-smooth, shiny mirror finish

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Sylmasta Micro Abrasive Gloss Liquid is a very concentrated gloss polish used as the final stage of the finishing process to create an ultra-smooth, shiny mirror finish.

The Liquid contains a one micron sized aluminium oxide abrasive crystal which works to remove residual fine scratches from surfaces.

One drop of Gloss Liquid is applied to a cloth and rubbed over the area previously abraded. It leaves a wet look and polishes to the highest gloss.

Gloss Liquid is effective on plastics, wood, metal and composite surfaces. It is used by scale model makers, restorers, industrial users and in the aviation industry.

When used regularly, it improves the appearance of transparencies by removing haze, milkiness and swirl marks left from previous cleaning attempts.

Unlike other cleaners and polishes which damage surfaces over time, Micro-Abrasive Gloss Liquid is water-based and does not contain any aggressive solvents.

Micro Abrasive Gloss Liquid is sold in 50ml bottles. It can also be purchased as part of the Sylmasta Acrylic Restoral Kit. Included in the Kit are six grades of Sylmasta Abrasive Sheets, a Large Foam Support Block to use when abrading with the Sheets and Lint Free Polishing Cloths for the application of Gloss Liquid.

When all the products are used in conjunction, the Kit removes surface damage and scratches and restores optical clarity to areas of acrylic and plastic up to 3 square metres. The Acrylic Restoral Kit conforms to NATO stock number (NSN) 5350-01-290-4002.

Benefits of Micro Abrasive Gloss Liquid

  • Contains no solvents, meaning it does not damage surfaces over time and is environmentally friendly
  • Creates a shiny mirror finish
  • Continues to improve transparencies when used regularly


  • Completing the finishing process of plastics, wood, metal and composite surfaces
  • Polishing bare and coated acrylic and polycarbonate
  • Removing swirl marks, haze and milkiness from previous cleaning attempts

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