Wooden Stirrers – Pack of 100

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Large sized wooden stirrers for easy mixing and application of liquid silicone moulding rubbers and casting resins

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Wooden Stirrers are used for the mixing and application of silicone moulding rubbers, resins and other liquids used in the casting and mould making process.

Our Wooden Stirrers are made from smooth wood, feature rounded tips and are bigger than normal wooden coffee stirrers. This enables them to mix larger quantities of rubber and resins more quickly.

Once mixing has been completed, Stirrers can also be used in application. They help pour rubbers from the mixing cup into the mould box, smoothing the rubber off before curing begins.

When casting with a one-part mould, Stirrers spread resin into all areas of the mould. They also help remove excess resin before curing begins.

Wooden Stirrers can be seen in action on our Showcase article How to make and use a two-part silicone mould for resin casting. There is also a video available under the Videos tab on this product page.

Stirrers are included in the SylCreate Resin Casting & Silicone Moulding Kit. The Kit contains 380 Silicone Moulding Rubber, Polycast G26 Polyurethane Casting Resin, Release Agent for making two-part moulds and a range of other accessories. It offers a cost saving on buying moulding rubber and resin separately.

Away from casting and moulding, Stirrers can be used to mix other two-part compounds such as epoxy adhesives, pastes, coatings and liquid rubber.

Stirrers are sold in boxes of 100.

Benefits of Wooden Stirrers

  • Large sized for quickly mixing more material
  • Rounded tip makes mixing easy


  • Mixing of casting resins and silicone moulding rubbers
  • Thorough application of rubbers and resins to reduce wastage
  • Mixing other two-part compounds like epoxy adhesives and coatings


How to make and use a two-part silicone mould for resin casting

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