Silicone Moulding Rubber

SylCreate silicone moulding rubbers are used to take detailed moulds of original parts which can then be reused multiple times for creating resin copies of parts

SylCreate Silicone Moulding Rubbers are used to create flexible, highly detailed, reusable rubber moulds for resin casting by model makers, kit builders and industrial users.

All SylCreate Moulding Rubbers have extremely high tear strength. They are made to the highest standards to produce moulds of all sizes and are trusted by scale model makers, professional kit builders and industrial users for their high detail and repeatability.

Once a mould has been taken from the master, it can be used again and again to pour multiple castings using Polycast Polyurethane Casting Resins. Two grades of Moulding Rubber are available. Grade 370 is the softest, used for creating moulds when there are deep undercuts. Grade 380 is slightly stiffer for greater dimensional stability.

For the making of split moulds, SylCreate Mould Release Agent prevents the silicone moulding rubber from sticking to itself. You can purchase Moulding Rubber, Release Agent and Casting Resin together in the SylCreate Casting Kit XL, containing all the products, accessories and instructions needed to begin resin casting.

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Showing all 3 results