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Christmas Resin Ideas: Festive Handmade Epoxy Decorations & Gifts

Casting resins and epoxy modelling putty can be used to make handmade Christms gifts and decorations

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go! And if that is making you think about Christmas gifts and decorations for the festive season, then we have got one word for you – handmade.

Christmas is a great time for crafting and there is something special about making and then giving the gift of handmade to friends and family. When it comes to decorating the tree and all the other little trinkets that turn your home into a winter wonderland, that too is made all the more magical when it features the personal touch.

Which is why we asked our resident resin artist Loz from The Pea Hive what she would be getting up to for Christmas and whether she had quick and easy craft ideas that we could try out? Rather than simply tell us, Loz decided to show us.

So without further ado, here are The Pea Hive’s quick and easy decorations and gifts ideas for a handmade Christmas.

Handmade resin cast Christmas tree decorations

Decorating the tree is one of the most eagerly anticipated rituals of the entire Christmas period. Many families have decorations that have been passed down through the ages, heirlooms that provide a connection stretching back generations.

Imagine then putting your own stamp on the family Christmas tree for years to come by creating handmade decorations from casting resin. You could cast a decoration whilst sipping on a glass of mulled wine in 2020 that is still used by your relatives to decorate a tree in 2090.

Resin Christmas decorations are easy to make. Simply take a mould of an existing decoration you like using 380 Silicone Moulding Rubber and then create a replica of it with a festive coloured casting resin like Polycast G26 Emerald Green or Polycast G26 Red.

Alternatively, you can turn other Christmas-related items like heart shaped jewellery or little toy reindeers into moulds, resin cast a new decoration, attach some ribbon and then hang the finished product from your tree.

Adding sparkles and glitter to the resin creates a truly Christmasy decoration which, because it is handmade, will be unique to your family. Then you just have to hope it is looked after for the next 70 years.

Create your own Christmas wine glasses using modelling putty

Wine glasses turned into handmade Christmas goblets with candy cane, holly and a Santa Claus hat made from coloured epoxy putty which would make a great gift

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine as Cliff Richard likes to sing. If you are planning on opening a few bottles of vino over the festive period, then get your drink vessel of choice ready by adding decoration to your wine glasses.

Geomfix modelling putty comes in a variety of colours including Red, Emerald Green, Crystal White and Jet Black. It can be used to create little Christmas trinkets such as candy canes, holly and Santa hats which can then be attached to wine glasses.

No superglue is needed – Geomfix offers a high-strength bond to all materials, including glass, china and ceramics. You can attach Geomfix to practically anything for creating handmade Christmas gifts to give away to friends and family.

Handmade Christmas cards with decorations

Handmade Christmas cards featuring tree decorations gifts made from casting resin

Remember those tree decorations made from casting resin that we mentioned earlier? How about taking one of those and giving it away as a cool little gift by attaching it to a handmade Christmas card?

All of a sudden, you are not just sending out cards this festive season – you are giving away quirky little presents too. Check out this video in which The Pea Hive show just how easy casting a festive snowflake and attaching it to a card can be:

Resin cast Christmas tree decorations are not the only seasonal sprucing you can add to a card. Anything made using Geomfix will also bond to paper, so you can attach those putty candy canes, holly branches and Santa hats which have already brightened up those wine glasses.

Watch… 3 Christmas gifts & decorations you can make in 15 minutes

Just in time for Christmas, SylCreate have joined YouTube. We will be using our channel to share with you model making, casting and other craft techniques as well as showing you how to make the most of the SylCreate range of products.

One of our first videos is a Christmas special as The Pea Hive make three handmade Christmas decorations in just over 15 minutes using Geomfix Red, Geomfix Crystal White and a dash of Sylmasta CAE1500 Superglue.

We are making Christmas crafting easier by combining all the products used by The Pea Hive into one Christmas Creator Kit.

It contains the four festive-coloured versions of Geomfix, Polycast Green and Polycast Red casting resins, moulding rubber and a whole host of accessories to help you have a home made Christmas

Priced at £59.99, the Christmas Creator Kit offers a £49.15 saving on buying products individually. If you require only single items, then you can browse the entire Sylmasta Christmas Collection here.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at SylCreate and The Pea Hive.

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