Swann-Morton Fine SF13 Handle features a twist grip design, allowing it to grip blades tigher for even greater precision

Swann-Morton Micro Fine Range

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The Swann-Morton Micro Fine Range is a set of blades and handles for complex medical procedures which are also used for ultra precise model making.

Initially, the Micro Fine Range was designed with medical procedures in mind. The micro blades are smaller than other Swann-Morton products and the handles lighter, enabling surgeons to carry out precision work such as reconstructions, eye procedures, cardiology procedures and even hair restoration.

In arts, craft and model making terms, the Micro Fine Range allows for greater control when it comes to precision cutting in projects.

Two handles are available. Swann-Morton SF1 is the standard handle, 130mm long and made from stainless steel.

SF13 Handle features a twist grip design which allows it to grip blades tighter than the SF1 handle for even more precise cutting. The twist grip also makes the swapping of blades easier and safer for the user.

Blades in the Swann-Morton Micro Fine Range are sold in boxes of 25. If you require larger blades, then please see either the Swann-Morton No.3 Range or the Swann Morton No.4 Range.

Swann-Morton Micro Fine Range Handles
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Swann-Morton Micro Fine Range Blades
Swann-Morton Fine SM62 Blade is a larger version of the chisel shaped stainless steel SM61 Blade
Swann-Morton Fine SM64 Blade is a stainless steel blade used with the range of Fine Surgical Handles
Swann-Morton Fine SM7 Blade is a stainless steel blade featuring a smaller curved cutting edge
Swann-Morton Fine SM68 Blade features a distinctive hook shape which is sharpened along the inside edge of the curve
Swann-Morton Fine SM69 is an arrowhead style blade which is precisely ground on all four sides
Swann-Morton Fine SP91 Blade is a slightly wider version of the SP90 four sided spear point tip blade

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