Swann-Morton ACM Handle No.1 designed for precision cutting of soft materials

Swann-Morton ACM No.1 Set

The Swann-Morton ACM No.1 set is a lightweight set of handle and blades designed for precision cutting softer materials and carrying out other smaller tasks.

ACM No.1 Handle comes supplied with a No.11 Blade. The rest of the ACM Blades listed on this page will also fit the handle and allow the user to carry out a range of different tasks.

The No.1 Set and all four blades can be purchased alongside the No.2 and No.5 Sets in one Swann-Morton Craft Range Tool Set.

One of each blade is provided, giving the user all the tools they need to carry out a range of craft and model making tasks available at a cheaper cost than when buying items individually. The kit is stored in a robust, easy-to-carry case.

ACM No.1 Handles and Blades
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