The Swann-Morton range of precision blades, handles and scalpels are used by professional craft and model makers around the world

Swann-Morton Blades

Swann-Morton are world leaders in the manufacture of precision blades, handles and scalpels. They have a wide product range with a tool for every task.

Sylmasta stock four different ranges of Swann-Morton products. The No.3 Range is a light-duty set of tools which are used for the precision cutting of softer materials. No.4 Range is a slightly more robust set of tools designed for medium to heavy duty materials.

The Swann-Morton Arts, Craft and Modellers Range has been produced specifically for model making and craft work. It features a variety of craft knives, blades and handles. An ACM Tool Set is available, containing all the blades and handles from the range in an easy-to-carry tool box.

The Micro Fine Range is a set of blades and handles designed for surgical procedures. These ultra-precision tools can also be used to create the most detailed of work in model making.

We also sell the Swann-Morton Disposable Trimaway Scalpel, an easy-to-use throwaway knife for the precison cutting of light to medium weight materials.

Our Swann-Morton products are non-sterile. Please check that you have the right blades for the required handle before odering.

Swann-Morton Blades and Handles
Swann-Morton No.3 Handle is a light duty handle for the cutting of soft and lightweight materials
Swann-Morton No.3 Range
The Swann-Morton No.3 Range of handles and blades is a light duty set of tools for the precision cutting of soft materials by craft professionals.
Swann-Morton Handle No.4 is a slightly thicker stainless steel handle for added strength and stability when working with medium to heavy duty materials
Swann-Morton No.4 Range
The Swann-Morton No.4 Range is a set of handles and larger blades suitable for the trimming and precision cutting of medium to heavy duty materials.
Swann-Morton ACM No.5 Handle is a craft knife similar to a box cutter
Swann-Morton Craft Range
The Swann-Morton ACM Craft Range consists of handles and blades which have been specifically designed for model makers in the arts, craft and modelling fields.
Swann-Morton Fine SF13 Handle features a twist grip design, allowing it to grip blades tigher for even greater precision
Swann-Morton Micro Fine Range
The Swann-Morton Micro Fine Range is a set of blades and handles for complex medical procedures which are also used for ultra precise model making.
Colour Shapers are used to apply, move, carve and manipulate art materials such as paints and modelling putties
Clay & Colour Shapers
Clay & Colour Shapers are silicone tipped tools which are used to apply, shape, manipulate and carve materials including paints, oils, putty and polymer clay.

Swann-Morton Scalpels
The Swann-Morton Trimaway Disposable Scalpel is an economical throwaway craft knife designed for precision cutting in arts, craft and model making tasks
Swann-Morton Disposable Trimaway Scalpel (50 pack)
The Swann-Morton Trimaway Scalpel is a disposable throwaway knife for the precision cutting of light to medium weight materials

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