UV902 Medium Viscosity Glass Adhesive

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UV902 is a medium viscosity adhesive used for high strength, shock resistant bonding of glass to glass, metal and most plastics

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Sylmasta UV902 Medium Viscosity Glass Adhesive is a clear UV-cured adhesive formulated to give ultimate strength when bonding glass and resist shocks.

UV902 is the general grade of Sylmasta Glass Adhesive. It exhibits toughness as well as a degree of flexibility.

It is resistant to ageing, exhibits excellent strength and resists yellowing when exposed to the elements. UV902 will bond glass glass-to-glass as well as glass to stainless steel, aluminium, steel, ceramics and certain plastics.

Sylmasta UV Adhesives only cure when they are exposed to UV Light. This means parts can be correctly positioned and excess adhesive can be wiped away before curing. If you require a UV light, then please add a UV Lamp 11w to your order.

For the repair of cracked glass, then please see Sylmasta UV901. The low viscosity of UV901 allows it to penetrate cracks, making it more suitable for repairs to broken glass.

If you need to fix chipped glass, fill in cracks or carry out a vertical application, then please see Sylmasta UV903 for a high-viscosity product that is gel-like in its consistency.

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