UV Lamp 11W (UK Plug)

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The 11W UV Lamp features a sturdy base and directional arm for full flexibility when curing Sylmasta UV Glass Adhesives

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The 11W UV Lamp is a fully flexible lamp with a sturdy base for the curing of Sylmasta UV Glass Adhesives.

The ultra violet lamp can be positioned exactly where it is needed and features directional arms to keep it in the desired position.

With a peak wavelength of 365nm, the light is suitable for bonding all UV adhesives through glass. Please note the 11W UV Lamp comes with a United Kingdom plug.

Sylmasta UV Adhesives only cure when they are exposed to UV Light. This means parts can be correctly positioned and excess adhesive can be wiped away before curing.

Three grades of Sylmasta UV Adhesives are available. Sylmasta UV901 is a low viscosity glass adhesive for applications over larger areas or when deep penetration is required such as repairing cracked glass.

UV902 is a medium viscosity glue for general bonding of glass and UV903 is a high viscosity, gel-like adhesive for filling in chips, gaps and slivers and vertical applications.

The 11W UV Lamp can be used to cure all of these adhesives.