Swann-Morton No.5A Acrylic Handle

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Swann-Morton No.5A Handle is made from acrylic to provide firmer grip, more lateral strength, increased stability and greater comfort when undertaking bigger modelling projects

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Swann-Morton No.5A Handle is an acrylic handle which is suitable for use with Swann-Morton Size 3 Blades.

No.5A Handle combines a stainless steel bayonet with an acrylic handle. This provides craft and model makers with a firmer grip, more lateral strength and greater stability when cutting.

It has been designed with comfort in mind, allowing for more control on delicate work over an extended period of time.

Swann-Morton No.5A Handle can be used on soft to medium density materials. It fits most of the range of Size 3 Blades.

Please ensure that you have the correct handle for the required blade before ordering.

Blades that fit this handle: