Swann-Morton No.11 Blade – Box of 100

£12.60 inc. VAT

Swann-Morton No.11 Blade is an elongated triangle blade which is sharpened along its longest side with a strong pointed tip

SKU: SYL-634


Swann-Morton No.11 Blade is a carbon steel blade for use with Swann-Morton Size 3 Handles.

No.11 Blade is an elongated triangular blade sharpened along its longest edge. It features a strong pointed tip.

It is used for the preicse trimming of lightweight materials such as polystyrene, resins and balsa wood in model build projects and for rubber mould castings for the jewellery industry.

No.11 Blade is non-sterile and is sold in boxes of 100.

This blade fits handle:

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